Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Drunk on Music

This is a good time to publish round 2 of my drunken psyche.

No more single paragraphs.

It is currently 3 am on the east coast which means that I've been drinking since 10:30 and have gotten a full stomach at Euro Gyro.

I think that the target of my rant will be the people who are musically biased. I think that I can honestly say that if you don't listen to all forms of music and at least APPRECIATE them, that you really don't understand what music is all about. This isn't to say that people don't have a favorite band, genera or type of music, but if you are the person that ONLY listens to one type of music then I'm afraid you are missing the point.

Music is about expression. There is an innate emotional attachment to all things musical. And every human being experiences every kind of emotion in their lifetime.

Metal. Everyone has been so angry they wanted to break something (whether or not you DID is irrelevant to the discussion). Metal is the perfect genera for that feeling. Nothing says "let it out" like listening to Slipknot or Killswitch Engage and hearing the heaviness of the guitar riffs and the double bass kick.

Hip/hop. Almost everyone I know that says they HATE rap music has been drunk in a club getting their dance on with some random girl and feeling good about every minute of it. The club rap music makes people feel good and dance and get down to beats they may say they don't like but inside everyone can get down to "Whatever you Like" by T.I. C'mon now...it's a good song.

Pop. Yes I said pop. The boy-bandish, teenie bopper stuff no human being over the age of 15 will admit to liking, yet listens to in the comfort of their own car or bedroom. It brings back the good old days, like it or not, inside ones self that ,yes, we were all of that young age at one time. We all had crushes on the seniors in high school when we were in 7th grade. It's just a fact of life; everyone goes through it.

Blues. The WHOLE GENERA is based on emotion. Everyone has been down in the dumps at some point in their life. Everyone can relate to having "the blues". It may not be the most desireable thing to listen to because of it's depressing nature in most cases, but there are some things about B.B. King and Jimmy Rushing that fit into some situations.

Rock. Rock is about sticking it to the man. Breaking free of the normal routine and being a rebel. I think we've all been there.

Country. Have you ever REALLY listened to a country song? Some are depressing but most are about having fun with family and friends. And being a product of a rural township I know that there really isn't anything better than hanging out in or around a barn and being with friends on a nightly basis. A little of the gt along mentality can be shared by everyone.

I could go on all night, foicusing on every genera out there and pointing out it's emotional ties, but I shouldn't have to. Everything from the cutlural music of India to the cultural music of the United States has a purpose and expression. Can you imagine how dull the climax of your favorite movie would be without the fine orchistration of the music in the background? Try to imagine that the next time you are watching your favorite movie.

Try to picture the world without music. Even the kinds you may not be particularly fond of. If you cannot admit that music plays a huge role in who the people of this world are, then I truley feel sorry for you.

So the next time you hear someone say..."Fuck that stupid music. Only dumb faggots listen to that kind of shit" I really hope that it isn't you saying it.


Miragi said...

I like rap that says something, not just the kill this, kill that, bitches and hos kind of stuff. There's alot of good country stuff hiding behind the BS. Eddie Raven, KT Oslin come to mind. And if you wanna hear a damned good voice.....pick up KD Lang. Seriously.

As for metal, there is nothing (was) better to bounce too than a good Coal Chamber concert. or Static X. I know it's said with every generation, but today's metal just doesn't cut it. Nickleback is NOT metal. I speak.

And if you want to be moved to tears, listen to Andrea Boccelli's version of Nessun Dorma. Most beautiful song ever written. Sarah Brightman's rendition is kick ass too.

Music is life. Just have to be open to it!

Trey -AKA- The Mad Wordsmith said...

I like pop, and I like Nickelback. I will admit it.

@Miragi, you continue to impress me with your musical prowess! Very well rounded! You may need to let me know the next time you head out to a good show, whether it be metal, blues, or even pop. I like what I'm seeing.

Great post man.